As a photographer I am interested in a contemplative relationship. The type of image that demands an intimate voyeurism between myself and the subject. As I look for this intimacy, I am drawn to the inanimate subject that most clearly conveys the type of meditative transcendence I am searching for.

The images are “discovered” within their own environment and are created fully within the viewfinder of the camera without staging or auxiliary lighting. Using color, light and form I search for a fulfilling yet minimal composition. The emphasis on minimalism allows the viewer to interpret the images on a personal level. They often evoke a peaceful aloneness or serene solitude like a visual haiku and have been described as “soothing yet mysterious”. I usually prefer my photographs to be neither kitsch nor confrontational; with a profound absence of the human subject and which, like haiku, are highly disciplined and structured.

I have always had a fascination with things of beauty and fine craftsmanship. In the relationship I have with the subject, I seek to fulfill those fascinations and find order amidst chaos.

—John H. Hughey

Self-Portrait in Vaseline, 1974